Who Are We?

Digitex.com was established in 1996 to provide QUALITY INTERNET Services at competitive prices to businesses and individuals. Digitex has specialized in the system integration business since 1996. The company’s primary focus is on corporate networks including local and wide-area networks (LANs and WANs).

Digitex.com has the resources and the technology to provide FULL INTERNET Access for individuals and businesses. With our quality, high speed fiber optic lines and our top of the line equipment, we are able to provide services to even the most sophisticated users.

To provide TRUE LOCAL ACCESS, Digitex.com currently employs POP (Point of Presence) nationwide. We intentionally created redundancy to give most of our customers more than one LOCAL dial-in number. Local dial-in is TOLL FREE for residential use, with minimal or no charge for most ISDN and business use. By providing multiple local access numbers we reduce the chances of our customers hitting a busy signal.


Digitex.com offers High Speed Wireless services in some business areas. This is an inexpensive alternative to dedicated Internet services.

Digitex.com offers a one-stop solution for the corporate networking needs. Services include network design, implementation and support. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) over the INTERNET is the latest technology supported by Digitex.com.

Digitex.com offers special services to merchants willing to do business over the Internet. Merchant server and Pay button are proprietary solutions providing everything for conducting business over the Net.