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We upgraded our mail server. If you are experiencing any issues with your email please call us at (817) 558-6230.

As a result of the upgrade the link to WebMail has changed. Please update your Bookmarks and Favorites accordingly.

If your email address is @digitex.net click here:

If your email address is @mydomain.com click here:

We upgraded our billing system!

We know monthly bills can be hard to read and understand. To help answer any questions you may have we created a sample bill.

Welcome to DigiTex.com. We provide a wide range of Internet services that include standard dial-in access to the Internet, high-speed wireless, and web hosting.

DigiTex is proud to provide Internet service at affordable cost for the everyday user as well as dedicated access for those with offices that require static IP addresses. Feel free to compare our prices with those from other providers and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the difference.

We're located in Cleburne, Texas and provide local dial-up service for much of the surrounding counties and cities. We also have an extensive list of available national numbers for local Internet service wherever you might be.

Navigate our site by the links at the top and left-hand side of this page. Feel free to email us with any questions you might have: support@digitex.net.

We look forward to continuing to provide the best support and Internet service you'll ever experience.


Phone: 817-558-6230 Fax: 817-558-1204
E-mail: support@digitex.net or billing@digitex.net
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